Erasmus + Christmas meeting

On December 17, 2020, the second meeting with students under the Erasmus + project “Program yourself in logic” took place. The aim of the meeting was to make a presentation about traditional Christmas dishes with the aspect of mathematical calculations relating to their calorific value. On the part of our school, girls from 1LOB under the supervision of Ms Anna Śliwka: Martyna Fil, Oliwia Haduch, Zuzanna Smerecka prepared presentations in English on how to make dumplings, makówki and kutia. Students of class 2 LA4 under the supervision of Mr. Piotr Kowalczyk: Karolina Biłas, Piotr Ciepiela, Radosław Duda, Piątkowski Marek, Such Aleksandra, Winnicka Paulina and Kacper Ziajka, made the appropriate caloric calculations for each dish. Then we got to know some traditional dishes from partner countries along with their calorific value shown in tables or charts.

We hope that more regional regulations will be known during the international exchange. We would like to express our warm thanks to everyone involved in conducting this meeting: students and teachers and, as always, Mrs. Magdalena Garncarczyk, who conducted the entire meeting.

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Project coordinators: Magdalena Piotrowska and Piotr Kowalczyk

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Schools Presentqations Erasmus + „Program Yourself in Logic”

Due to the existing limitations, the introductory meeting between partner schools was conducted on the Zoom platform on November 16, 2020. Despite the difficulties, all schools approached the matter very professionally. The students of each school presented in various forms to the other participants of the meeting information related to the place where they live and the school where they study. The students from Bulgaria were the first to present themselves. We could see the impressive learning conditions and see the openness and willingness to cooperate on the part of both students and coordinators. Then the group from Romania showed their school facilities, profiles and a large number of certificates in the international arena. The last girls from our school presented themselves: Klaudia Onyszko and Gabriela Szteliga – classes 2LB3 and students from class 8a – Fabisz Amelia and Wiktoria Małopolska. The girls told about our school, Rymanów and its neighborhood. The meeting was a very nice experience for the students, but also for us teachers. The next more thematic meeting is scheduled for December. We would like to thank Mrs. Magdalena Garncarczyk for conducting this meeting, Mrs. Marta Hanus for substantive preparation of the students for the presentation and its exhibition, and of course to our students for their work and considerable stress during the speeches. We hope that the time of the epidemic will finally end and that the next goals of the project will be in live conditions with many more students.

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Project coordinators: Magdalena Piotrowska and Piotr Kowalczyk

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